THE KOSTABI SHOW is a game show where art critics and celebrities compete to title Kostabi paintings for cash awards.

How It’s Played
Contestants — three art critics or celebrities — are shown a new untitled painting by Mark Kostabi. The contestants then proceed to suggest titles for the painting. These titles are voted on by the studio audience — a gang of New Yorkers also known as the Jury. Occasionally, members of the Jury, particularly the front row Jury members who are often illustrious intellectuals or notable wonderful people, will also interlope with title suggestions. When potentially suitable titles have been suggested, the Jury is asked to use their paddles to cast their vote — the red side of the paddle with the plunger icon meaning a “no” and green side with the cash register icon meaning “yes”. The game continues until a title receives sufficient approval to motivate Mark Kostabi to buy the title. At that moment, a $20 bill is handed to the art critic or celebrity — or whomever suggested the winning title — and the title is written on the back of the painting shortly thereafter. If a title receives unanimous or near unanimous approval from the Jury, it is bought for $40 because it’s obviously a better title and therefore worth more. Every show, there is a $50 round where the prize is increased to $50. If there is unanimous approval during a $50 round, the winner receives $100! There are also surprise questions — “Art History Questions” or “Music History Questions” — where anybody in the room has the opportunity to win $20 by shouting out the answer to questions that pertain to the subject matter at hand. At the end of each show, the Jury is rewarded with the money toss — a shower of hundreds of dollar bills — and the Jury members rush to grab as many dollar bills as they can.

This exciting game show is aired on TV every Wednesday night at 8:30 in Manhattan on Time Warner Cable on Channel 56, or on RCN on Channel 108. It also airs on MNN’s website every Wednesday night at 8:30 (New York time) at, Ch56.
Of course, you can also view every episode when ever you want here on this web site.